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Join hundreds of volunteers in promoting a love of problem-solving in young people. Your skills and experience will encourage and excite the next generation of young mathematicians.

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From volunteering to becoming a member, there are many ways you can get involved and inspire a love of problem-solving in young people.

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Be inspired by UKMT’s brilliant volunteers who give hours of their time to support the charity’s challenges and events.

Volunteer Story – Vesna Kadelburg

Volunteer Story: Dean Bunnell

Volunteer Story: Mary Teresa Fyfe


Do I need to be a mathematician to be a UKMT Volunteer?

You don’t have to be in a teaching or mathematical role to be a UKMT Volunteer, but most of UKMT’s voluntary roles do require some knowledge of mathematical concepts and ideas at the very least (meaning an understanding of mathematical problems and proofs would be advantageous).

UKMT’s volunteering opportunities can be short-term events (such as marking weekends and the annual UKMT Summer Schools) or longer-term projects such as mentoring which might require a six month commitment or longer. We ask volunteers who commit to a specific project to fulfil their time commitment unless this is not possible. We will always give as realistic time-frames as possible.

It depends on the motivations and reasons you have chosen to volunteer with UKMT. Volunteering is a great way to use your existing skills or further your skills and knowledge, as well as meet new people and gain confidence. And, it is also a good addition to your CV if you are a student or at the beginning of your career. Many volunteers get huge satisfaction out of making a difference to others, and being part of a community of like-minded people

Yes. You will be reimbursed for reasonable expenses that arise from volunteering, such as travel and lunch. The types of expenses you can claim for will be confirmed once you start a volunteering role. Some of our volunteering roles involve overnight stays, in which case accomodation and meals are arranged by UKMT

You will need to be over the age of 18 at the time of applying to be a UKMT Volunteer. We welcome applications from anyone above this age.

If your UKMT Volunteering role involves you working directly with children (students under 18 yrs of age) then yes, you will need to be DBS checked. Checks are processed by UKMT and there is no charge to applicants.

All UKMT volunteers are required to complete a short Child Safeguarding course online. If your volunteer role requires it, you will be asked to complete an online first aid training course. All other training that is specific to your role will be provided by the relevant lead volunteer in the relevant area.

UKMT offers volunteering roles that are in-person (such as residential camps based both in the UK and overseas), and also roles where the engagement with students is online (eg mentoring).

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