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Junior Mathematical Challenge Awards


Scoring rules for the Junior Mathematical Challenge are as follows:

  • 5 marks are awarded for each correct answer to questions 1 – 15
  • 6 marks are awarded for each correct answer to questions 16 – 25
  • In the Junior Mathematical Challenge you will NOT lose marks for getting questions wrong
  • Answers left blank will be marked as 0

Awards and Thresholds

To recognize the highest performers in the Challenge, we award the top-scoring 50% of participants Bronze, Silver and Gold certificates in the ratio 3:2:1. Students that are ‘Best in Year’ or ‘Best in School’ will also receive a badge to denote this on their certificates.  Students not amongst the high scorers will receive a Certificate of Participation.

The 2023 award thresholds were:

Gold: 82+

Silver: 66+

Bronze: 52+


Junior Kangaroo: 88+ (UK only)


Junior Mathematical Olympiad: 113+

Past Papers

Download UKMT’s free past papers to help students achieve better results.

Maths Books

Browse UKMT’s range of maths books and older past papers on Amazon to help you and your students prepare for maths challenges.

Follow-on Rounds​

Junior Kangaroo

Follow-on Round: A 60 minute, 25 multiple choice question follow-on round aimed at students year 8 or below.

Junior Mathematical Olympiad

Follow-on round: 2 hour Olympiad consisting of 10 answer only and 6 Olympiad questions aimed at students year 8 and below. Olympiads are available to both UK and overseas schools.

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