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Dr Andrew Cates

Dr Andrew Cates

Term Ends: June 2026 (3)

At school I was lucky to be in the first cohort taught by the great Christopher Bradley, after whom the BMO elegance prizes are named. "CJB" was a central figure in the Olympiads; he died ten years ago this 11 July, and I am not alone in missing him. Under his tuition at school I took the first year Cambridge Maths exams whilst still in the Sixth Form, hence took maths finals at Trinity when 19 and went on to get a PhD and Research Fellowship in the maths of explosions. I then abruptly changed direction and went to work in industrial safety research. Twelve years later, but still twenty years ago, I moved from industry to run the UK part of a Children's Charity (which ran several hundred schools in Africa) and ten years ago I moved again to become Bursar at Pembroke College, Cambridge. I don't teach much maths any more but I do still do Admissions Interviews and am a pastoral tutor. My elder daughter rekindled my interest in the UKMT and ended up representing the UK in eight of the International competitions; grateful for the incredible support she received, I offered to volunteer when she went on to University but as with many things that process was disrupted by Covid. Realistically I guess I have more to offer on Charity and Educations administration than at maths these days.

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