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UKMT Mentoring Programme Gets a Makeover

UKMT Mentoring Programme Gets a Makeover

The primary aim of UKMT’s Mentoring Scheme is to provide secondary students with a wide range of programmes covering the entire curriculum.

The Mentoring Scheme offers young people enthusiastic about mathematics the opportunity to tackle challenging problems with the one-to-one support of an experienced mentor. We’re thrilled to announce some improvements to the Mentoring Scheme that we believe you’ll love. The Scheme has evolved over the years, transitioning from traditional mail exchanges to a more streamlined process using Google Classroom.

We’re excited to unveil an exciting new addition to the UKMT Mentoring Programme – our very own ‘Mathscots‘! Named after renowned mathematicians, the Mathscots breathe life into each of our nine programmes, adding a touch of personality and flair to the world of mathematics education. These nine programmes help pupils develop their problem-solving skills and their ability to provide written explanations of their solutions. As diverse as our mentors and mentees, these figures span back to Ancient Greece and are sure to ignite curiosity and exploration among students, teachers, and parents alike.

The nine programmes are:

  1. Pythagoras
  2. Hypatia
  3. Archimedes
  4. Mary Cartwright
  5. Julia Robinson
  6. Emmy Noether
  7. Hanna Neumann
  8. G.H. Hardy
  9. Srinivasa Ramanujan

You can hear first-hand from one of UKMT’s Mentors, Laura, who shares her journey from mentee to mentor. Discover how the Mentoring Scheme has been as valuable to her as it is to the students she now supports. 

Visit our refreshed Mentoring page today to learn about the opportunities they bring for engagement and discovery in mathematics.

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UKMT Mentoring Programme Gets a Makeover

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