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Volunteers' Week: 3-9 June

Volunteers’ Week: 3-9 June

Volunteers' Week was first established in 1984 by what was then known as Volunteering England. For the past 40 years, an ever-growing number of organisations supported by volunteers have jointly celebrated their work. The UK Maths Trust is, of course, one such organisation (it was founded by volunteers in 1996). 

Our Chair, Geoff Smith, would like to say a few words to recognise your ongoing contribution:

“Friends, the volunteers are the heart of UKMT. There are about 500 of you currently on our books.

You range from undergraduate students who have recently enjoyed the benefits of the Trust’s educational and competitive activities, through to the energetic retired who are keen to continue sharing their experience with the next generation of young mathematicians. 

Problem composition, contest paper setting, and the marking of students’ scripts are all completely reliant on volunteer efforts, and we are always on the lookout for more people to contribute in these areas. 

We have our expert mentors and trainers to deliver mathematical education to the Maths Trust’s standard, people who assist with the pastoral side of camps and international competition trips, and those who facilitate energetic team challenges in schools. We have UKMT authors, and the people who commission, scrutinise, and proofread their books. We are also developing a larger group of video presenters for our rapidly expanding solutions video service. There are also the Trustees, Board and Executive Committee members who do the governance work.

These diverse voluntary activities are brilliantly supported by our staff team. As the late great Peter Neumann always made it clear, the Trust will prosper if we remain united. We are all working to a common goal, to deliver the highest possible quality maths education to the kids of the UK.

The Trust thanks you all – not only during this National week of celebration but as always, for your continued support .”

Geoff Smith, Chair, UKMT

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Volunteers’ Week: 3-9 June

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